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ProudClones Iowa State vs Kansas State Forecasted MVP goes to......

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Darius Darks. Darks was at the game in Kansas City last year but was nagged by injury. His only stat recorded in the game was "participated". He would have to fight the  the injuries all year. The next week saw Darius almost capitalizing on a catch that would have catapulted ISU over KU in the games final minutes.  Darks(as well as his teammates) should go into this game with a chip on their shoulders. Back to back error filled games found the  Cyclones losing both games close to the Kansas teams last year. Darks is tied for the lead in receptions going into this game and K-State has given up big receptions to at least 7 different receivers this year. I predict that Darks will find just enough good Arnaud passes to eclipse the hundred yard mark and give the Cyclones two of their four TD's. I'll either be a genius tomorrow or someone looking for the delete button. Go Cyclones!