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Iowa State 20, Kansas State 27: Farmageddon Quick Wrap Up

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Another tough loss for Iowa State. Kansas State had more talent, but Iowa State played hard. Kansas State should have had more points than they did, considering how many yards they racked up.

I was not pleased with some of the playcalling in this game. With a little over 2:00 left and all three timeouts, I don't understand why we abandoned the run. Especially since we were getting 5-6 yards a run down the stretch, and the clock stops on the first down. I would have still mixed it up a little. Anytime you are going to try and win a game with Arnauds' arm it isn't going to happen. Part of it is due to how he plays in crunch time, and the other part of it is due to the fact we have a bad receiving corps, with the exception of Colin Franklin and Jake Williams.

It just feels like when we do get in a groove on offense, we get away from what we did well. We came out the gates on offense and did not do well at all. We adjusted and looked awesome in the third quarter. Then in the 4th quarter, we go back to doing the things in the first quarter that did not go well for us.

With defense, I'm not too mad. The tackling was horrid, and half of Thomas' yards were on broken tackles, but they gave up less points than they should have. Heck, they even took one to the house, to keep ISU in it. Can't be too mad at the D at all.

I don't know what the solution is, but this felt like the Kansas game last year. But instead of Darks, we had A-Rob wide open for the tie, and Arnaud overthrew it.

If Iowa State is going to have a chance to win any conference game, they are going to have to keep the score close. For whatever reason, we don't have those ice cold veins that allows for us to execute when there is zero tolerance for error.

The team played hard, and rebounded better than I had expected. Just stinks to have lost the way it all went down. I guess all I can say is I hope the guys learn because after UNI, the competition just gets that much better with Texas Tech, Utah, @ Oklahoma, and @ Texas over the next month or so.