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Clone Chronicles Takes A Look At The Nation: 2010, Week 3

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Another week of recapping results around the college football landscape:

Thoughts From This Weekend

I'm Surprised To See The Greatest Team In The History Of The Sport Lose. I thought they were America's team. I thought Stanzi was going to win the Heisman. I think somebody forgot to tell them there was a game going on during the first half. What I learned from this game, is Iowa is solid, but they aren't as great as many Cyclone fans were saying they were after the Cyclones got throttled. Iowa isn't great; the Cyclones just suck this year. I just keep thinking that if Iowa didn't put so much preparation on the Iowa State game, maybe they would have been more prepared for Arizona......

I'm Also Surprised That The Huskers Made Jake Locker Look BAAAAAAAAAAAAD. I know the Husker D is good, but honestly, they pwned Jake Locker. I don't know what to think of the Huskers overall still. Taylor Martinez can run like crazy. I still want to see how they fare against a good defense.

Michigan Is Looking To Get Worked In The Big 10. First off, Notre Dame just isn't that good. Thing is, if Notre Dame or Michigan go 2-0, it's automatic they get ranked if they are unranked. They almost lost to a 1-AA team at home yesterday. Not sure how they get through a Big 10 schedule with that defense giving up between 400-500 yards a game.

Fake Field Goals, FTW. I bet Brian Kelly still hasn't wiped that "WTF" look off his face. I love it when teams show some guts and try to do something big. Football coaches are too conservative sometimes. Of course if this backfired, everyone would be clowning Michigan State right now.

Big 12 Power Rankings:

1. Oklahoma (3-0) - Have had a couple of close calls, but talent-wise I think they're the best team
2. Texas (3-0) - Handled Texas Tech better than I had expected.
3. Nebraska (3-0) - We know their D is good. It's all about how their offense performs against good defenses.
4. Texas A&M (3-0) - A lot of talent, but haven't played anybody and had to comeback against Florida International.
5. Texas Tech (2-1) - The Texas D quieted that offense. A little surprised they put up a 0 in the second half last night
6. K-State (3-0) - If you can stop the run, you can shut down K-State. Stopping Thomas is tough though
7. Missouri (3-0) - While K-State barely beat ISU, Mizzou barely beat San Diego State.
8. Oklahoma State (3-0) - Supposed to be a down year, but they are putting up points! Big matchup with A&M next week!
9. Baylor (2-1) -  I think they are the worst team in the South, but would be middle of the road in the North.
10. Colorado (2-1) - Hot and Cold. Sometimes they look solid, other times they look like a joke.
11. Iowa State (1-2) - I think the only conference game they win this year is the against the team in the #12 spot.
12. Kansas (1-2) - Not a good team.


I'm doing my first regular season ballot in a week, but below is my Top 5:

1. Oklahoma - Staying with them. They don't straight roll teams throughout, but they are good and continue to win

2. Ohio State - Still impressed with their win over Miami.

3. Alabama - Slightly over TCU due to a slightly more difficult schedule.

4. Oregon - Don't know how good they really are, but they can pile on the points, and it's fun to watch

5. TCU - They just keep winning.

Also Considered: Florida, Boise, Texas, LSU

I'm not even going to try and attempt my Heisman rankings again. Too damn early, and too damn stressful, ha ha.