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UNI Week: I Want To See More Faces On Offense

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After the first three games of the year, the offense has been a disappointment. The last two weeks, they have scored 20 points, and 7 of those were in garbage time.

Bring in some more faces.

Coach Rhoads stated Tiller would play against UNI, although he did not get into specifics as to how much he'd play, or even when he'll play. They may be saying that Tiller is playing because of Arnaud's hurt shoulder, but honestly I think it has more to do with having some competition at the spot than anything else. Remember, last year the offense stalled initially, and Coach Rhoads put in Tiller. Rhoads stated how he plans on playing Tiller every game for a drive, and other than spot starting for an injured Arnaud, we didn't see much of him beyond that.

But the QB position is just one spot. There are other areas I'd like to see more faces as well. Football is a game about putting the ball in playmakers hands, and allowing for them to make plays. From the K-State game, I saw Jeff Woody make plays. I think he needs to get into the game more. Shontrelle Johnson made some plays on kick returns; if he really is as talented as everyone is saying, why isn't he getting into the game? Our receivers haven't done a whole lot this year; why not get Johnson out there in the slot? I just want to see some of these playmakers get the ball in their hands.

The offense isn't making plays, it's time to switch it up, especially when guys behind the starters are doing positive things on the field.  They say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Well, it's very broke right now, so why aren't we fixing it?