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Standing Proud - Time To Get The Funk Out Of Here!

I have to admit it. After the last two weeks losses I found it hard to sit at my desk and type out a story about my beloved Cyclones. I told myself that Arnaud just had a couple of rough games, Robinson is ready to hit his mid season stride and The O-Line and Defense are ready to play a complete game. Nothing. Perhaps it was the absolute pounding Iowa gave us, perhaps it was another disappointing close game lost to those pesky Wildcats. I just couldn't get out of the funk.

I mulled it over again. What kind of fan am I? Was I really going to let a couple of losses muddy my love for the Cardinal and Gold? No! Was I really going to wake up Saturday morning without an expectation of an Iowa State win? Absolutely Not! Am I going to jump out of bed tomorrow, grab a beer, sing the fight song and run around the block chanting ISU, ISU? Probably not but only because  it is a night game. I then said those two words that every Iowa fan makes fun of us for saying. Those two words that lift my spirits no matter where I am. Those two words that bring images of the greatest ISU you tube video ever(besides the locker room speech I mean). Yes, I said Seneca Wallace.

As soon as I said it I felt the funk receding. I thought to myself, how can a grown man get down on a team that gives the kind of effort that a Rhoads coached team gives each week? I felt the funk recede a little more. Tomorrow there is a game in Ames. I will be there, EARLY. I will meet the team at the spirit walk, I will cheer them coming out of the locker room. I am a Cyclone,  no, I am a Proud Cyclone.

I went to the mirror and said Seneca Wallace five more times. Perhaps his mojo will leap into the backfield when the game starts tomorrow. I can't wait to find out!