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Cyclones Blank Panthers, 27-0

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I just got back in town from the game, and I can say that the outcome leaves a lot to be desired. Once again, our offense sucked with another 13 point effort. Arnaud started and played 1 series, while Tiller played the rest of the way, until Capello took some snaps in garbage time.

Honestly, there isn't much of a difference between Arnaud and Tiller. Tiller didn't turn the ball over, but he really didn't do much either. 50% completion percentage for 87 yards. Big whoop.

It's disappointing when the defense scores more than the offense, especially when we know our defense is not very good. It's also disappointing when you face a defense that allows 300 yards/game in the air, and you can only rack up 87 yards. Lastly, it's disappointing that A.J. Klein has more TDs on the season than any of our wide receivers. In fact, he has the same amount of TDs as our wide receivers combined.

I want to come home from a 27-0 game and think "hell yeah, that was awesome to see", instead of feeling empty. Bottom line is this: ISU is not a good team. If the offense can't put up more than 13 points against a "meh" UNI team, how can we expect them to put up any points against better teams in the Big 12? Texas Tech is coming to town next week. Think we need to put up points just to try to stay in it?