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Clone Chronicles Takes A Look At The Nation: 2010, Week 4

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Alabama.... Running Things
Alabama.... Running Things

Taking another look around college football and what happened this weekend:

The Big 12... W....T.....F? The Big 12 struggled yesterday. Texas was bitchslapped at home by a UCLA team that lost to K-State and got waxed by Stanford. Oklahoma just escaped Cincy 31-29,  Nebraska only put up 17 on South Dakota State, while K-State just got by UCF. Baylor, Kansas, Missouri, were are ok this weekend I suppose, but they've had their WTF moments this year as well.

Minnesota.... U-G-H. You can't really go WTF with Minnesota right now. You go WTF when you lose to South Dakota at home. When you lose convincingly to a so-so NIU team at home, that's just ugly. Minnesota is a mess, which is too bad because their stadium is awesome. This might be the worst BCS conference team in the nation, which leads me to:

Purdue. Losing to Toledo?! At home?! Everybody circle your calendar in 3 weeks. We've got Minnesota battling it out with Purdue for the distinction of the worst BCS conference team in the nation. Iowa State should play Duke in the other bracket. We could call it the T-B-S (toilet bowl series) and maybe get TBS to broadcast the games. We need west representation in this series too, so we gotta include Washington State. Ok, I got it. Here's what we do. We have Iowa State with the first round bye since they won a bowl game last year. We put Minnesota against Purdue, and Duke against Washington State. Iowa State plays winner of Duke and Washington State. Whoever wins is like the 5th crappiest BCS team in the nation, but whoever loses is the worst. Because there will be a losers bracket too. The first round will be played the day after Christmas, and the championship will be played on New Years Day. That way the finalists can go to their recruits and put in their media guide "played on New Years Day".

I Am Impressed With 'Bama Thus Far. I thought this was going to be a team that's pretty good, but they're really good. After beating Penn State and Arkansas, I have to put them as my #1 team in the nation thus far. I hate going along with the masses, but I don't know if there's a team that has looked better than them thus far. Stanford has dominated teams, but I'm not sure how good the teams they've dominated are.

Big 12 Power Ratings:

1. Oklahoma - They are barely winning games, but I think they're the most talented team in the conference
2. Texas - They lost badly, but they are here by default because (see Nebraska, A&M, Okie State)
3. Nebraska - I would have put them #2, but they didn't roll a team they should. Hard to tell what they've got.
4. Texas A&M - Haven't played anybody, so it's really hard to tell at this point
5. Oklahoma State - Ditto A&M, although they did put up 65 points against Tulsa, so they can score
6. Texas Tech - Lost to Texas, and I think the above teams could hang in a shootout and probably beat Tech
7. Kansas State - 2nd best team in the North perhaps, but wouldn't fare as well in the South, I don't think.
8. Missouri - Hot and cold, and haven't really played anybody.
9. Baylor - The one real game they played, they got rolled by TCU. I don't think they could beat any of the teams in the South
10. Colorado - On paper, they should be better than this. But Dan Hawkins is the coach. See Greg McDermott at Iowa State to understand why.
11. Kansas - Have shown more on offense than Iowa State, which is why they got the nod at the 11 spot
12. Iowa State - I think this team is worse than even I expected. The offense can't score points, the defense can't stop anyone... We may not see another win this year from this team.


I am doing a full ballot this week. I guess the ballots aren't open until Monday, so I will do a seperate post on Monday

NFL Picks:

Requested by a reader. Here's who I've got straight up:

Vikings over Lions
49ers over Chiefs
Patriots over Bills
Falcons over Saints
Giants over Titans
Bucs over Steelers
Bengals over Panthers
Ravens over Browns
Texans over Cowboys - Watching the meltdown would be epic. My head says Cowboys win, but going with my heart
Redskins over Rams
Jags over Eagles
Colts over Broncos
Raiders over Cardinals
Chargers over Seahawks
Dolphins over Jets
Packers over Bears on Monday Night

Use the comments to discuss anything from what I've written, what you saw yesterday, or any NFL action you're seeing today. Have a GREAT Sunday!