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Tailgate Games: Do You Play?

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Wednesday is here. Time to start planning the menu for the Iowa St. Cyclones vs Texas Tech Red Raiders. It looks like the weather is going to be dry this week but the air is going to be chilly. Temperatures in the forties and fifties don't exactly make me crave fruit salad and lemonade. It is time for some of the lighter tailgate foods to be replaced by heartier warmer selections. It might be chili or potato soup time. The summer ales have also seen their end as Oktoberfest and other harvest beers take their places on the store shelves. One thing that won't change though is Tailgate Games.

This week I am going to bring bags(cornhole). I wanted to last week but bags is definitely not a game to be played in the rain and when I left the house it was in fact raining. Bags to me in the quintessential game in the tailgate lineup. Sure I enjoy washers and ladder jacks, I've even played some horseshoes, roly boly, and that frisbee game. Anything that facilitates competition and can be played while holding a beer is golden to me but bags takes it to a whole other level.

Bags games come in many varieties. There are short boards, wide boards, painted boards and stained boards. There are corn bags, bean bags, sand bags and popcorn bags. There are six inch holes, seven inch holes, eight inch holes and sometimes even oval holes. The first time I made a set of bags boards I went on line to a pro site and followed the directions to a tee. I must admit, Playing the game with regulation equipment is the best but in the spirit of competition I will play on anything.

I plan on parking near a nice flat spot in C4 on Saturday and lining up the boards exactly thirty feet(hole center to hole center) apart. I fully intend to get in about a dozen games before cooking and perhaps a couple more before the game starts. My competition will be my usual tailgate group plus a few challengers who I will meet in the lots on gameday. What are your tailgate game plans for Saturday? Do you play?