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Clone Chronicles Takes A Look At The Nation: 2010, Week 1

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Les Miles.... The man's team is always in bizarre games.....
Les Miles.... The man's team is always in bizarre games.....

So normally this would be the time I'd post a new blogpoll draft. However, I have vowed NOT to do a blogpoll until Week 4, AND even if I was doing the blogpoll this week, I feel like I'd have to wait until after the Boise State vs. VA Tech.

Labor Day weekend is always a family related sort of a weekend, and I don't usually watch a lot of football to be honest. In a lot of ways, it is also summar's last "hurrah", and I'm willing to give up one Saturday of football to do the kinds of things I won't be able to do in a few months like take my nieces and nephew to the park, and grill a bomb dinner!

Anyhow, I did catch some action, and have been reading up on what the teams did. I always have a post to talk about the "other" games than ISU, and it's a chance to talk about what is going on in the college football world. I know all of you out there don't just watch the 'Clones, so I'm not going to pretend like that's all I do too. Some thoughts from Week 1 action we've seen thus far:

The Big 12 North Looks To Be The Worst Division In College Football. It's early, but the only other group of teams that could rival it, is the Big East. Nebraska looks like they may have found a QB (or at least a QB that can run the option effectively), but they are still going to lose some games. Mizzou looked suprisingly horrible, and KU showed why I had them as the worst team in the Big 12 this year. I just see a group of 3-5 win teams, with Nebraska maybe getting to 6 and clinching the North yet again. Ho-hum.

LSU Deserved To Lose. I could not believer it. I saw it was 30-10 and figured the game was over, why bother watching it. Then I saw it get to 30-17, and 30-24, and I switched. The last 2:00 of that game was just bizzare, with UNC getting the onside kick, only to not make it. Then to LSU forcing UNC to burn all of their timeouts. On 3rd down, their RB gets first down yardage to clinch the game, only to fumble and give UNC the chance to drive. UNC got to 5 and had 2 legit shots at the end zone to win the game. Honestly, with UNC and all of their issues, I thought LSU was going to roll. At the same time, LSU finds themselves in some bizzare situations....

WTF Is Up With UConn? Didn't watch the game, but I thought this was supposed to be a game the Huskies would get. Michigan played like a team who's coach's job is on the line....

If You're An Ole Miss Fan, Tis The Season Of Heavy Drinking. Jacksonville State?! Jacksonville State?!

Can't Wait For Week 2. It was Week 1. With a couple of exceptions, not really a lot of exciting football being played in the First Week. I hope tomorrow brings the close to Week 1 that we're all hoping for. Week 2 has some sneaky good matchups like Michigan-Notre Dame, Colorado-Cal, Georgia-South Carolina, Oregon-Tennesee, along with some big games like Florida State - Oklahoma, Miami-Ohio State, and Penn State - Alabama (although I don't think it will be a great game).... The Cy-Hawk game is not a "big game" on the national scale, but obviously in the area it's always big. Regardless, it will be a week where we learn more about these teams, as some of them play real opponents.