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The Five Most Annoying Things About Iowa Hawkeye Fans

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In spirit of Cy-Hawk week, I thought I'd go through the things that annoy me the most about Iowa fans. Feel free to add to the list in the comments!

5. Acting like they do not care about this game. I'm at a point where I realize there is more to life than football, but in the football realm, this is a game that matters to their fans. Otherwise, when the Hawks lose, why do their fans get so upset and make up excuses? I still hear excuses about the game from 2002... If it didn't matter, you'd be over it by now!

4.  Working Hayden Fry into any conversation. He hasn't been the coach in over 12 years. Those years are over, and do not have a whole lot to do with anything that's going on now.

3. The wishy-washy nature of many of the fans. For example, Iowa had a great basketball tradition, filled with sell-outs, and had one of the toughest atmospheres in the Big 10. Then they stink for a few years, and almost all the fans bail. Switching to football, Kirk Ferentz is a great football coach when looking at the things that happen on the field, and developing players to fit a particular style of play.... And just in 2006 and 2007, people were calling for his head. It's Iowa, not Ohio State; you are going to have seasons of 6-7 wins. Seasons like last year happen about once every 4-5 years.... Honestly, I would characterize a lot of these people not as Hawk fans, but as people who want to root for a winner, with Iowa doing more winning than the other schools, therefore they are Hawk fans.

2.  Bringing up how Iowa State's uniforms "look like USC", when the Hawks admittedly copied the Steelers. If you look at older versions of Iowa State's colors, it was the darker gold and red. I have mini helmets that go through the years and it went from the colors similar to what they are now, to ketchup and mustard. All they did was go back to how they were some years ago.

1. Dissing Iowa State UNIVERSITY, and/or the city of Ames. If you want to diss the football team, I can live with that. But if you're dissing the place where I got my degree, met my wife, got married, and lived in for 8 years, then I have a problem with that. Most have never lived there, and some haven't even been to Ames. In fact, I'd say some of the most dedicated Hawk fans I've met didn't even go to college of some sort. All I'm saying is don't diss what you do not know. Am I saying it's the greatest place in the world? No. But it's a good school, great community, and have little to do with the lack of success Iowa State has endured over the years.

The thing about 1-5 is that it doesn't seem like anyone does just one of these things. It seems like a fan is either going to do all of the above, or none of the above. I would say the collective IQ of those who do 1-5 above, is the same as one person that does none of the above, but what can you do? Dumb people have a right to root for a team also.

I'm down for the friendly banter that goes on between the fans. It is the one week that almost everyone in Iowa is watching the same game. At the end of the day, whether you're a Hawk or Cyclone, you know people on the "other side". They're in their family, you go to school with them, and/or you work with them. This is the one week to talk a little shit, maybe wager a few bucks or a lunch, but you know come Monday its going to be all good.

What are the things that drive you crazy about Hawk fans?