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Welcoming A Couple New Writers To Clone Chronicles

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Good news for those of you that follow the site here. We've brought on a couple new writers to help keep things from being stale. One is Paul Conrad, and the other is ProudClone. Both guys are passionate Cyclone fans, and both will do a fantastic job on here.

Something that I think the site lacks right now is mutiple perspectives. What I write on here are my opinions. It is what I'm feeling at the time. That said, I do not expect the readers to necessarily agree with me, nor do I necessarily expect my fellow writers on here.

The only agenda Clone Chronicles has, is to provide some of the best in Iowa State commentary. The piss-poor job of the media in the state with their coverage of the Cyclones has left a void that we, along with other sites intend to fill. Yes, they provide the news, and have access, but the lack of an intellegent, valid, opinion is what is missing. That's what we are trying to do, and it will be much easier bringing a couple more capable writers on board.

Join me in a big welcome for these guys!