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My Thoughts About Chizik And The BCS Championship

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When I was watching the BCS championship game, my twitter feed was blowing up with a lot of ISU fans and also Iowa media/journalists commenting on the game, but specifically saying their thoughts about Gene Chizik. The fact Auburn won it, has obviously sparked a lot of discussion, and the common question to Cyclone fans right now is what we think about Chizik winning.

You want to know what I think? Good for him, but I don't really care. Dude was here, now dude is gone. That's the way it works. I can't live life being all mad at things that happened two years ago. Especially with things that really do not have an impact on my well being.

Is he a genuine guy? I do not know. Probably not all the time. These head coaches in college football are like politicians. They try to convince people (in this case recruits) that they are the right choice (in terms of programs to choose), and they go to their constituents (boosters in this case) for financial support. They have to make promises, and say things that they do not always mean 100% of the time. That's part of the job sometimes.

It is not healthy to have this obsession with Chizik. Is he a better recruiter than Xs and Os guy? I do not think anyone denies that. In college sports is that a bad thing? Having better players increases your chances of being a better team.

Some may point out that Chizik did not bring the same kind of a staff to Iowa State. That's true. At the same time, does Iowa State have the money to spend over $200,000 for position coaches and $500,000+ for coordinators? No. You pay for what you get sometimes.

But as I've said before, the worst thing about the Chizik obsession is the fact that Iowa State is in awesome hands. If you're mad at Chizik, it is kind of a slap in the face to Rhoads. Based on some comments you would hear from some fans, not knowing any better, you'd think Rhoads is the 5-19 guy, while Chizik was the guy who got an Insight Bowl win and a victory over Texas.

If we're better off than before, why be mad? Let Auburn have Chizik, and let Chizik say "War Eagle" every other word. They won their first national championship in 50+ years. He never publicly has said anything bad about Iowa State, so might as well let it go. I'll let those people have their moment.

I'm tired of writing about Chizik and talking about Chizik as it relates to Iowa State. He was here for two of Iowa State's 100+ years. It is Rhoads' time and has been that way for 2 years now. Get caught up!

If I'm supposed to be upset or emotional about Chizik I apologize, but it is not happening.