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Johnny Orr Dedication And Kansas Is Coming: Who Is Excited About Tonight?

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I'm not going to get the chance to do a full-on preview as I have for a lot of the other games we have played. It is too bad because this is the game I have been the most excited for in a while!

Kansas is coming to town. They are very talented and deep as well. They have bench players that would start on a lot of Big 12 rosters. The have the most efficient defense in the nation, and the 12th most efficient offense in the nation. A very very hard team to beat without a doubt.

Johnny Orr is coming to town tonight as well. Kansas in Ames is always a rocking time, regardless of how good either of the teams are. But when you add in the element of Orr being there, the fact it will be an emotional night, and I think tonight is really going to be special. I do not know if Iowa State can win the game, but I know that it is going to be a tough one tonight for Kansas.

There is nothing like college basketball in an electric atmosphere. It's going to be kicked up a couple notches given the night. I am pumped already. Who's with me? Who's ready to do their part to make the Jayhawks miserable tonight? I would not miss this game for the world.