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A Couple Graphs Of The Kansas Against Iowa State Game

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Last night when I did my quick write up before going to sleep, did not have the gameflow nor the four factors charts up. Anyhow, I originally wanted to show these charts because I think they are a solid representation of how the game went.

First is the Game Flow Chart:


As you can see, while Kansas led the entire game, there were key spots in which it was a game. In the second half alone, Iowa State had it down to 1 point with 15:30 left, 3 points with 7:22 left, and 5 points with 3:48 left. This was not one of those games where KU got up by 25 points, and Iowa State went on a crazy run to make it look good. Rather, it was one of those games where whenver Iowa State made a run, KU responded with a run of their own to pull away.

Next are the Four Factors:


From the Four Factors, it's pretty obvious Kansas was killing Iowa State in the post. The offensive rebound % and free throw rate shows a crazy margin. Fortunatley eFG% and TO% are weighed more heavily than the other factors, in which Iowa State had an advantage in TO% and was came up just short in eFG%. Like I was saying yesterday, had Iowa State shot a little bit better tonight from three point range, it would have been a different game. Iowa State would have had an advantage in eFG%.

Considering the mismatch across the board between the two teams, Iowa State played with a ton of heart. Hopefully these charts help illustrate what I saw from the team at Hilton last night.