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A Pause From Sports: Hot Wings

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I wanted to take a moment to announce that the Iowa State Blog "Wide Right & Natty Light" is doing their first annual "Wing Challenge" in Des Moines and I will be joining those guys as an honored guest.

What is the "Wing Challenge" you ask? Well, it all goes down on Saturday, January 22nd. We are going to hit up several local establishments eating several wings from each spot, doing our part to help YOU find the best place. We are willing to sacrifice our GI tracts for you.  We are finalizing the plan this week, and will update as soon as it is set.

My plan is to rate each spot I go to, so that when you're in Des Moines, and you're looking for a place to eat some wings, you know what each place does well, and which place you should hit up. I'm excited to be included in this, and my twitter feed (@Mark_Kieffer) is going to blow-up wings-style on Saturday!