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Five Questions with Cowboys Ride For Free

As it turns out, SBNation has an Oklahoma State blog. What's it called? Cowboys Ride For Free

Oklahoma State has always been a favorite of mine, both in the Big 8, and in the Big 12, and if the conference ever expands and we get matched up with a rival from the South, I sure as heck hope it's the Cowboys. Good school, good athletics, good people.

Anyways, Cincy Joe from CRFF answered five questions for us:


1.) How are the Cowboys matching up with the preseason expectations this year?


I think we might be a little better than most expected. It's not easy to lose a guy like James Anderson but we're holding our own (at home anyway) I'd say there are still alot of unkowns with this team. A lof of young players that are still feeling things out.

2.) Just how good is Marshall Moses?

Really good. He's had some problems handling the double and triple teams lately. The guy is flat out amazing when he's single teamed though. He's an above average inside defender and trapper. Basically, he'll give you fits if you can't stop him from doing so.

3.) Looking at the raw numbers, Oklahoma State looks like a team that isn't necessarily great at anything, but good at a lot this accurate?

Very accurate. We are not really great at anything yet. We're a team with average to bad guard play and good to great inside play. If I had to choose one strength, it would be rebounding. We are a solid rebounding team - at times.

4.) What are your thoughts on Travis Ford? Can he get the team back up to the old Big 8 glory days?

I like Coach Ford a lot. I really think he can and will take us back to the glory days. He's led us to the dance each year and the recruiting has been amazing. I think we'll be back in the national picture as soon as next season.

5.) Prediction?

 Gonna go with the home team here. GIA is a tough place to play and the Pokes really need a win here. Oklahoma State 75, Iowa State 70.