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Iowa State Basketball: Anybody Feeling A 4 Game Winning Streak?

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Iowa State has had a rough week or so. A long road trip, a heartbreaking loss in OT, a punch in the mouth loss to Mizzou, but you know what? I get this feeling that ISU is going to put together a 4 game winning streak, that will almost solidify their place in the NIT.

Tomorrow is Texas Tech. I'm not going to beat around the bush: they stink. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, I know. Yes, they beat Nebraska by 1 point, but that was at home. Ken Pomeroy gives them 7% chance of winning tomorrow, but I'm going to put it at < 0%. No way. Ditto for OU. Ken Pom gives them 9% chance, but I give them 1% chance at the greatest.

Then the Cyclones head out to Boulder, where wacky things do happen. It stinks this is a middle of the week game, because if it were a weekend game, I'd be able to make a trip out there, especially with the game not being on TV. Oh well, I guess. If Iowa State is going to get a road Big 12 win, this is the spot. Otherwise, it just ain't happening, and we gotta hope they can defend hilton.

From there, Kansas State will come in Hilton, and Iowa State can definitley knock this team off, with the way they have been playing to date. K-State hasn't played great away from Manhattan, and I think the Hilton faithful will do their part to try and ensure that streak continues for them.

Not a lot of cutting-edge analysis at all, I know. I just am feeling pretty good about the next two weeks of Iowa State basketball. This past week stunk, but these next four games are huge, and I think set up good for Iowa State. I'm feeling like the team will rally, and a winning streak is in view, through my cardinal and gold colored glasses. I do not know what's going on, but I think somebody slipped in some Cyclone Kool-Aid in my lunch beverage! I can't wait until tomorrow so we can get the first of four consecutive wins! Let's GO!