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Iowa State Basketball: Texas Tech Gamethread

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I apologize for a lack of preview for this game, and an abbreviated gamethread. Things like work, and moving have gotten in the way of that. Here's what you need to know about the game tonight:

1. Texas Tech's offensive efficiency is 119th, and their defensive efficiency is 212th.

2. Texas Tech's opponent's eFG% is about 51%, 240th in the nation (remember, lower is better when talking opponents). Iowa State's eFG% is 51.3%, so I am assuming Iowa State ought to be able to have a good shooting night tonight.

3. When talking about the Four Factors to winning, the only category Texas Tech is better than Iowa State at, is getting to the line.... Getting to the line is the factor that is weighted the least.

Ken Pomeroy has Iowa State winning by 16 for a reason. Iowa State shoots the ball better, turns the ball over less, and rebounds about the same as Texas Tech. As long as Iowa State plays to their capabilities and does not get into severe foul trouble, this is a comfortable victory.

This is an open thread to discuss the game. It tips off at 8pm CST, on WOI along with and ESPNFC. I will be at the game, so probably not any comments from me in-game. Oh yeah, Seneca Wallace will be sitting courtside at the game, so perhaps they will do a shoutout to him on TV.