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Iowa State Basketball: I Expect Big Time Effort Against Oklahoma

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The more and more I think about the Tech loss, the more frustrated I am. How come the Cyclone players could not see that it is their effort and heart that was keeping them in games? How could they think they could come out and play so flat in the Big 12? Why did they give their home fans such bad effort, in a year where everybody wants to be excited and love this team? Those are just a few questions that go on in my head over and over.

Look, the fact they lost did not ruin my day. In fact, with about 15 minutes left in the game, I was reserved in seeing Iowa State lose. Still though, when I'm thinking about what I'm doing this weekend, and telling people I'm making it up to Ames on Saturday night, I just hope we see a Cyclone team that's angry.

They ought to be mad. It is the players that are the ones committing all the time and energy to the team and to the game. If they are OK with coming out and playing like crap, what does that say about them? 

The Tech loss sucked, but now it is over. I expect the Cyclones to come out angry, play all-out, give their best effort of the year, and win by 15-20 points. If they do not, then why even play the games?