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Iowa State Basketball: Oklahoma Loss Meltdown Thread

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When you lose to the bottom two teams in the conference at home, it means you are the bottom team... At least according to my own tweet I put up a little bit ago. For the third time this conference season, Iowa State had the ball on the last possession in regulation, and failed to put up a shot. What makes this more frustrating is Iowa State had 35 seconds to set something up, which is 29 seconds more than each of the Nebraska and Oklahoma State games.

After the game, I saw a lot of people ripping on DG on Twitter. All I will say is this: if this team doesn't have DG, this team isn't in a position to win. I have a hard time joining in on the ripping.

I'll write up more tomorrow morning, but this loss stings. A week and a half ago, we were talking about making an NIT run, now I'm wondering if this team will win another conference game this season.

Feel free to vent your frustration. I feel your pain.