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Clone Chronicles Weekly College Basketball Wrap Up: 2011 #12

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This is going to be an express edition of the wrapup, compared to previous weeks. I won't have as much analysis in my rankings, as I wanted to get something up this afternoon as opposed to writing something longer and having it up tonight. This was a week where the casual fan learned the name Jimmer Fredette, Kemba Walker showed he can't make every game winner, and Duke got schooled up in the NYC, amongst other things.

Iowa State Recap:

By far the worst week of the season. The previous week was bad too, but most figured they'd maybe split but likely go 0-2. This week, I figured Iowa State was going to go 2-0, and get back in the mix, putting them in 8th, with 1 loss behind the 4th team. Instead, they are 1-6, out of contention. I think the storyline for the team has to shift from "can they make the NIT" to "can they finish with a winning season?". It stinks, but that's the reality of it.

Ken Pomeroy Ratings:

This week: #71, projected to go 17-14 (4-12)
Last week: #45, projected to go 20-11 (7-9)

The large swing, especially this late in the season shows how slim the margin is between being in the middle of the conference, and being at the bottom.

Big 12 Power Rankings

1. Texas (Last week #1)

2. Kansas (Last week #2)

3. Texas A&M (Last week #3)

4. Missouri (Last week #4)

5. Baylor (Last week #7)

6. Nebraska (Last week #5)

7. Oklahoma (Last week #11)

8. Texas Tech (Last week #12)

9. Colorado (Last week #6)

10. Oklahoma State (Last week #11)

11. Kansas State (Last week #10)

12. Iowa State (Last week #9)

I need to eat some crow. Just a couple weeks ago, I made fun of Texas Tech and Oklahoma for only having a chance to beat each other. Baylor, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech are peaking at the right time, while Colorado, Oklahoma State, and Iowa State have peaked and continue to descend.

Top 16:

1. Ohio State (Last week #1)

2. Texas (Last week #6)

3. Kansas (Last week #10)

4. BYU (Last week #5)

5. Duke (Last week #2)

6. San Diego State (Last week #3)

7. Notre Dame (Last week #13)

8. Pittsburgh (Last week #4)

9. Louisville (Last week NR)

10. UConn (Last week #7)

11. Purdue (Last week #11)

12. Kentucky (Last week #15)

13. Georgetown (Last week NR)

14. Villanova (Last week #8)

15. Wisconsin (Last week #12)

16. West Virginia (Last week NR)

Dropped Out: Syracuse, Washington, Vanderbilt
Also Considered: Syracuse, Washington, Cincinnatti, Arizona

TV Picks:

Monday: ESPN doubleheader: 6pm - Texas vs. Texas A&M; 8pm - Louisville vs. Georgetown

Tuesday: ESPN doubleheader: 6pm - Purdue vs. Wisconsin; 8pm - Vanderbilt vs. Florida; ISU plays against CU, but the game is not on TV at all.

Wednesday: ESPN doubleheader: 6pm - Syracuse vs. UConn; 8pm - Duke vs. Maryland

Thursday: Nothing notable, in my opinion

Friday: Ditto

Saturday: K-State will be in town for a 12:45 game, so I will be missing an afternoon filled with some good matchups. In the evening, the only game I'm interested in is Kentucky vs. Florida at 8pm on ESPN

Sunday: Yeah, it's Superbowl Sunday, but I will still watch Ohio State vs. Minnesota at 1pm CST on ESPN. Sullinger is a fun player to watch.