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Iowa State @ Kansas Gamethread

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The Cyclones are back in action today, as they face the Jayhawks at their place at 3pm CST. Besides the fact that Kansas is ranked #2 (which makes no sense as Texas is first in the conference and beat them in Kansas), is favored by 19 points, and Iowa State's players are gassed, it's a pretty even matchup.

What Iowa State has going for themselves is the fact they had a week between games, and Kansas has looked like a better team without Selby than with him. I know it's not a lot, but it's something. At the end of the day, Kansas has the Morris twins, a white guy named "Tyrel", along with Taylor, Morningstar, and others. In other words, the Cyclones are screwed.

Oh well, I'll be sipping on some beverages, watching this one, and commenting here.