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Iowa State Basketball Gets Beat At Kansas 89 - 66

Iowa State faced a team that was ready to be ranked #1 in the nation. The players and crowd there were fired up with news that Ohio State lost. The Jayhawks came out motivated, and played really well.

Glancing at the score, I don't think any Iowa State fan is shocked. We were expected to lose by about 20 or so. What stinks is that this was a game in which Iowa State made 14 three pointers, grabbed 9 offensive rebounds, took more shot attempts than KU, and still lost by 23 points. Imagine if Iowa State had made 8 threes instead of 14. It would have been brutul In addition, KU could have scored over 100 in this one if they did not take their foot off the gas in the last 4-5 minutes or so. Iowa State did a lot of things that one would have thought they'd have to do in order to stay in it, and still found a way to get blown out.

And on top of that, Vanderbeken played only 10 minutes after injuring his ankle in the first half. I'd have to think he would be questionable or maybe even doubtful for Texas A&M.

Some positives going into A&M on Wednesday: Calvin Godfrey will be back, A&M is not quite as good as I thought they would be, and like they to slow it down. Us Cyclone fans all need something to look forward to, otherwise we'd go insane.