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Clone Chronicles Weekly College Basketball Wrap Up: 2011 #14

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This past week saw some interesting things, from a #1 going down,  to Iowa taking Wisconsin to OT, to a surging UNC team almost knocking off Duke at Cameron Indoor.

Iowa State Recap:

Another tough week for the Clones, and it isn't going to be any easier anytime soon. Having a week off between the K-State heartbreaker, they go to Kansas and get rolled. What has disheartening, was Jamie Vanderbeken going down with an ankle injury after the first 10 minutes in the game, along with the fact that Iowa State held the Morris twins to a combined 30 points (as opposed to 50 last time), made 14 three pointers, and still lost by 23 points.

This week, the Cyclones go to A&M, and follow that up with a home game against Mizzou on Saturday.

Ken Pomeroy Ratings:

This week: #76, projected to go 16-15 (3-13)
Last week: Same as above. We are who Ken Pomeroy thinks we are.

The model still has ISU beating Nebraska and Colorado at home, but the model projects 1 point wins and win probabilites in the 50% range.

Big 12 Power Ratings, Top 16, and TV Picks After The Jump

Big 12 Power Ratings:

1. Texas
2. Kansas
T3. Texas A&M, Baylor
5. Missouri
6. Colorado
7. Nebraska
8. Kansas State
9. Oklahoma State
10. Oklahoma
11. Texas Tech
12. Iowa State

Other than Texas #1, Kansas #2, Texas Tech #11, and ISU #12, I think you could rank these teams in almost any order. Everybody is hovering around .500 or so, and everybody is beating everyone. Since it is that time of year where people are thinking NCAA, I think my Top 5 are in, Colorado is on the bubble, while Nebraska and K-State are NIT teams.

Top 16:

1. Texas
2. Kansas
3. Duke
4. Ohio State
5. BYU
6. San Diego State
7. Notre Dame
8. Pittsburgh
9. Wisconsin
10. Georgetown
11. Louisville
12. Purdue
13. Villanova
14. Syracuse
15. North Carolina
16. Arizona

Dropped Out: UConn
Also Considered: UConn, Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida

Texas is my new #1 after Ohio State going down, especially because they beat Kansas at Kansas. I still have Ohio State above Wisconsin because Wisconsin won at home. The Badgers just do not lose home games. I have North Carolina standing pat after blowing a double digit lead to Duke, but they did rebound with a road win over a pretty good Clemson team. Arizona is new to the rankings riding a 6 game winning streak, and only having 4 losses on the year (2 were KU and BYU, the other two were road Pac 10 games).

TV Picks:

Monday: 6pm CST, West Virginia vs. Syracuse, ESPN. Both teams are Top 20 caliber in my mind, and should be a good one.  Kansas vs. Kansas State follows, but it just isn't the same as it has been the last couple of years, with K-State reeling.

Tuesday: There are games on ESPN and ESPN2 that you know they thought would be good before they scheduled. Mississippi State vs. Kentucky was supposed to determine the best of the SEC teams, but Miss State has stunk it up this year. Ditto for Michigan State and Ohio State but with Michigan State. The best game on TV that night, is not any of the ones on the marquee channels, but rather St. John's vs. Marquette on ESPNU at 8pm CST.

Wednesday: 5:30pm CST Big 10 Network, Wisconsin vs. Purdue; Iowa State plays against Texas A&M at 7pm CST on I'm also thinking UConn vs. Georgetown at 6pm CST on and Vanderbilt vs. Georgia at 6pm CST on ESPNU will be good games. It is too bad they have so many good games going on at the same time, but I guess that means you will have the ability to pick and choose which looks the best.

Thursday: Kind of a weak night for college basketball. I may watch some Minnesota vs. Penn State at 6pm on ESPN, but because I root for Minnesota when they aren't playing Iowa State.

Friday: Breaking from the 14 week streak of having crappy games on Friday nights, the trend is bucked this time. UConn vs. Louisville at 8pm CST on ESPN should be a good one. If you like mid-majors, VCU vs. Wichita State at 6pm CST on ESPN2 might be a good one too.

Saturday: Iowa State is at home at 12:45pm this week, which means I will miss the bulk of action on TV. At 11am, Pitt vs. St. John's on ESPN and/or Notre Dame vs. WVU on CBS at Noon should be pretty good, but I will not get to see. When the ISU game is over, however, I may check out Washington vs. Arizona at 5pm CST on ESPN and Utah State vs. St. Mary's at 8pm CST on ESPN2

Sunday: Noon CST, Ohio State vs. Purdue on CBS. Do yourself a favor and watch Sullinger if you haven't already.