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Iowa State Plays Hard, Falls Short To Texas A&M 71-66

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Well, we can't say it wasn't a game. Iowa State went down to Texas A&M and gave them all they had. The game was a 1-2 posession most of the way. Heck, the Cyclones even had a lead with just under 14:00 left. But with the way the season has gone, the lack of depth on the team, they hit the wall, and came up short.

Unlike some of the games of the past, this team did come in there with confidence, and they did play in a way similar to how they started the Big 12 conference. As a fan, there is nothing I appreciate more than seeing the team come out, fight, and doing the best they can.

If you look at it, Texas A&M is the superior team on the boards and defensivley, yet Iowa State got the same number of rebounds as them. Ejim (9 boards, 5 offensive), Railey (4 boards, 3 offensive), Godfrey (6 boards, 3 offensive), and Anderson (6 boards, 2 offensive) deserve a lot of props for their effort on the glass, often boxing out guys that were either bigger or more athletic than them.

What I think hurt Iowa State the most in the this game was turnovers. Yes, they attempted the same number of shots as A&M, but they had 3 more turnovers than them. Those 3 extra possessions you give a team like that, can really hurt you. Or on the flip side, giving up 3 possessions can really limit you. In a half court game, Iowa State is going to need to attempt more shots than their opponent, unless they are on crazy-fire from beyond the arc.

Speaking of 3s, Jake did a nice job picking up the offensive load tonight. He hit 4 threes, and he is only about a 30% 3 point shooter. It is just too bad that this effort was not rewarded with a win. But that's the way it gets.

I also need to give a big shout out to Mitch Holthus. Statements like "the good news for Iowa State here is that they are in the highlights" were very classy. Go back to the Valley, Mitch. Your talents are best served there.