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Iowa State Basketball: Are We The Saddest Fans?

I saw this story from this morning. I'm not exactly sure how this is measured, but it has the Cyclone fans among the saddest in college basketball. This can't be true can it?

I will say that this year has been a little disappointing, but this isn't the most miserable year I've had as a Cyclone fan. I'd put that on last year, where McDermott talked about NCAA tournament. He also commented on the Cyclones being picked to finish 8th preseason, saying that means they do not think he can coach. Expectations were not by the coach, and they feel flat on their faces last year.

This year, everybody knew we would stink. Should we be better than 0-6 in games that we had a one possession lead with 1:00 left? Without a doubt, but the upside here was limited.

With their list, the only one I can agree with is Wake Forest. Below are 4 other teams I think should get consideration for sad fans:

1. Michigan State - preseason Top 5, currently 14-11 (6-7) and on the bubble

2. Kansas State - preseason Top 5, concensus pick to win the Big 12. Yeah, they are probably a little happier after blowing out Kansas, but it is still a disappointing season for them.

3. Indiana - I'm sure expectations were not high coming into this year, but they had to be higher than finishing 2nd to last with most likely their 3rd losing season in a row.

4. Mississippi State - Lots of expectations this season, and have not come through on those.

At the end of the day, who knows I guess. I was just surprised to see Iowa State on the top of a list like that, when there have been other teams that have disappointed by larger proportions this season.