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Gamethread: Mizzou @ Iowa State

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It is about to get really real up in Hilton today.... Assuming people show up to the game. The Tigers waxed the Clones down in Columbia, but guess what? They are not the same team on the road. Not at all. Look, I know we aren't a great team, but if you want to have any kind of hope or optimism heading into the game, here it goes: Iowa State is starting to play how they were earlier in the year, when they were just barely losing to teams. On the flip side, the Tigers have 1 road win all season, by 3 points, over Oregon. 

If the Cyclones play this one like they did down in College Station, this is going to be a close game that could go either way. If they play this one like they did against Texas Tech, or OU, then they lose by 15-20 points.