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Iowa State Basketball: Last I Checked, There Is A Game Tomorrow

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Despite what you may or may not be hearing from people, the basketball season is not over. Iowa State takes on K-State tomorrow afternoon, in a game that the Cyclones have a chance at winning... But then again, I've said that for the past few games, and it hasn't worked out so well.

I know people are disappointed, heck I'm really disappointed. But as Cyclone fans, we are not the only ones who are having a long winter. Look at our opponent coming in tomorrow. They were supposed to win the Big 12, but are an NIT team right now, assuming their entire team doesn't quit before the NIT starts. Look at Michigan State. They were looking at getting back to the Final Four, and they just got blown out to Iowa and are a NIT team at best this year. I know Iowa State hasn't been to where these programs are right now, but we are not the only fanbase enduring disappointment. In fact, if a couple more wins come to be, then the team performed to expectations.

So, it sucks, but not all is lost. For starters, Frank Martin is coming into Hilton. It is always entertaining to watch that maniac coach. I do not know if he has ever spent a timeout in any of the games in Hilton drawing up plays. I tend to remember him standing in the middle of the huddle and just choosing a guy to rail on.  I have no feelings towards Martin at all, other than I think he is entertaining as hell to watch, and him showing up tomorrow is worth the price of admission alone.

My storylines for the game are as follows: "Can ISU keep Kansas State below 90 points?", along with "Will Frank Martin get a heart attack on the sidelines during the game?".  Kansas State is the one game that I wish I could score seats behind their bench. Not because I want to talk trash, but more because I want to hear what Martin is saying out there...

I suppose another silver lining is the past few years, there have been close games at Hilton between these two teams. Each of the past three years, K-State only won by 4 points each at Hilton. That includes the Beasley/Walker team...  In addition were terrible last year, and somehow beat them in their house in OT with Brackins on the bench with 5 fouls in OT....  Crazy stuff happens against K-State, and maybe this is Iowa State's chance to turn that losing streak around.