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Iowa State Basketball: If Korie Lucious Comes, I'm Down With It

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According to Jeff Borzello from, there's a good chance Lucious may very well end up at Iowa State after getting suspended for the remainder of the season at Michigan State. He's going to be on campus this weekend, and could commit this weekend. With 4 guys leaving after this year, and 4 guys already committed to ISU, some may be asking if there's even room for Lucious. I'd have to think there's a decent chance Railey or McKnight may transfer. In a season like this where we are short guys and aren't very good, they aren't really playing.

As far as becoming "transfer U" I really do not mind it at all. Under McDermott we had almost every freshmen leave after their first year, and brought in JUCOs every year. If we're OK with bringing in a Gilstrap for a year, then why wouldn't you be OK with bringing a guy who has D1 playing experience on the big stage?

Is it ideal to grab quality high school kids instead of transfers? Yeah, but in order to get high school kids, you have to win. As much as we all love Ames, Iowa, it just does not appeal to many kids from Chicago, Detroit, and New York, unless you are a program that wins games. Remember, high school kids right now were born in 1994. They don't know anything about Floyd, Eustachy, Marcus Fizer, Jamaal Tinsley, etc. All they know are the teams they see on ESPN that are winning.

If things work out well for Iowa State in the next couple of years, then more of those high school kids will want to come. We're in our biggest NCAA tournament drought since before Johnny Orr took over. We have to do what it takes to become competitive and I trust the coaching staff knows what they are doing.