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Iowa State Basketball: Area Of Improvement You Would Like To Realistically See

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As you know, the Cyclones are off until Saturday, resting, hopefully cleaning some things up, as they try to prepare for the Jayhawk team that might be playing their best basketball of the year. It seems like the Jayhawks play better without Selby, but that's a whole other story right now.

Being 24 games deep in a 31 game season, we have seen pretty much everything the Cyclones can do. There are a lot of issues, and not everything is going to get worked out by the end of this season. With that, however, what is one area that you think the team can realistically improve upon during practice this week? Remember, the key word is realistic. Don't say something silly. There are some good minds, and usually some of you point things out that I have missed.

The one thing I would like to see, is this team is capable of playing tougher defense. We have seen them make things miserable for teams before. I get those were not Big 12 teams, but in the Big 12, the effort/energy on the defensive end has been missing throughout. I do not know how realistic it is if they all have just hit the wall. Maybe it is about time the team gets their second wind...

What about you? What do you think?