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Iowa State Basketball: Tomorrow Is Senior Night, Who's Going?

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Tomorrow night is the last time Diante Garrett, Jamie Vanderbeken, and Jake Anderson will play a game at Hilton Coliseum.  I'm not too emotional about this stuff, but for Diante Garrett, he is the only McDermott recruit to have came here and stayed all 4 years of his collegiate career at Iowa State. Obviously the play of all three guys have meant a lot to this team, and if not for them, this team would have been much much worse off this year.

We face a tough, but beatable opponent in Colorado, and the Cyclones have the opportunity to knock another team off the bubble. It obviously will not be easy, but seeing these guys in person one last time, along with the chance of playing a spoiler is more than enough for me to go. And honestly, it should be more than enough for any self respecting Iowa State fan to go the game. If you have the chance, make it happen.

On top of that, the part I am slightly more emotional about, is it will be my last game I'm attending at Hilton Coliseum for the forseeable future. I am going to be moving to Colorado this summer, and while I am sure I will be back in Ames for a game here or there, my days of going to 90% of the home games for these past several years are over for now. I'm not sure when I'll step foot back in Hilton again, so I am going to be sure to have an awesome time.  

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and I will preview Colorado tomorrow morning right here.