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Iowa State Football: Jacob Lattimer Is Lucky He Has Football Ability

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I often times criticize college football and basketball fans for being too naive. They say things like "I can't believe it is all about the money" when all college athletics has been for decades is about the money. It is also naive to think that football and men's basketball players are students first (when most of the times they are not), and to think It is these teams are all filled with angels that do no wrong.

That said, I am not a fan of Jacob Lattimer. At all. Throughout my life I have encountered people who have made mistakes, learned from them and took advantage of second chances. I, like all of you, have made mistakes. I am sympathetic to people, and try to be as understanding as possible without passing judgement.

But when you read about him beating up people for fun, in a way that causes somebody to need their jaw wired shut, it makes my stomach turn. There was no story of self defense, or anything like that.

I do not know Jacob Lattimer, so I cannot comment on the person. But I do know that his actions have been terrible. Part of the reason why athletes tend to get in trouble is due to the double standard we have in society towards them. They think the rules do not apply. It looks like because Lattimer can sack a QB, that a double standard will be applied to him as well. 

Him being able to still come to ISU, despite his actions was his second chance. It appears he will likely get a third chance, and that is something I cannot get on board with.

If Lattimer does indeed suit up for the Cyclones (which it sounds like he will), he is not a guy I can root for. I won't root against him or wish him ill will, but I do not believe he should be given the privilage of being able to suit up in a college football uniform.  If Lattimer stays on the team, he ought to give thanks to whomever he believes in, that he has the ability to play a sport that people are willing to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to support. I know if it was somebody like me or you, we would have done jail time, and had difficulties becoming employed in the future.