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Iowa State Basketball: Glad To Say "NO" To CBI And Other Bad Tournaments

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Something that Iowa State fans and the like have brought up to themselves, is if Iowa State would at all consider playing in the CBI, given they did not have a losing overall record this season. From comments Fred Hoiberg made after the loss to Colorado, it looks like Iowa State will not be looking to play anymore this season. I'm not sure if Iowa State would get an invite, but if you look at the fields of the past, I'm sure if Iowa State really wanted to play in   it, it would happen.  Regardless, I'm glad.


Because it isn't the postseason. You cannot convince me it is.  It is competition against the same teams Iowa State would play at home in the preseason, the same teams they would beat more often than lose against. What could a team possibly gain from playing against mediocre at best competition?

Some may say "it would be good for the guys to get experience". Experience? These guys just played 32 games! Diante Garrett, Jake Anderson, and Jamie Vanderbeken are all gone next year. That's 3 of the 5 starters. All of the transfers but 1 have played Division I college basketball. Ejim and Godfrey have improved, but what does giving them a couple games against a Santa Clara do for Iowa State for next year? What does this team have to prove?

The answer to both those questions are nothing. Do you know who the "Michigan State" of the CBI is? Oregon State. And what has that done for their program? Have they taken any steps forward, when the Pac 10 is weaker than ever in basketball?

Subjecting Godfrey and Ejim to a full slate of the Big 12 is the way you get better for the next season. Banging down low against the Morris twins (and getting schooled at times), twice in a season is how you get better. You get better when you go up against the best, not against teams with lesser ability.

Next year, the expectation is to make the NCAA tournament. With the talent coming in next year, anything short of that would be a disappointment. I'm willing to wait a year to see this team compete for the NCAA tournament, than to subject a team, composed mostly of guys who aren't going to play much next year, to playing against programs nobody here has heard of or followed.

Better days are ahead, and I'm going to be patient. I'm glad Iowa State will not play in either of these, and I look forward to 2011.