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Poll: Kevin Harlan or Gus Johnson?

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Your favorite team is in the NCAA championship game. You can't go, but are pumped, and are watching the big game at home with all of your friends. The guac and beer is flowing non-stop, and you called in sick for work, to "pregame" it all day.

If you had your way, who would you rather have doing play by play for your team's game? Kevin or Gus? I have to go with Kevin, but I'm partial. He did Minnesota Timberwolves games from 1989 to 1998. I grew up listening to Kevin, and I think he's a big reason why I liked basketball. Calls like "Tommy Gun, right between the eyes!", after Tom Gugliotta would make a big time basket. So because of that, I would pick Kevin, but I know Gus Johnson is incredibily popular in college basketball circles. You really can do no wrong with whomever you choose. I'm just curious what you are thinking.

What say you?