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UNC-Asheville And Clemson Are In The "Second Round"

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When the the "first four" came out, I was a little down on it. I was not big on the play-in games, but now I actually have come around on it. In fact, I wouldn't be opposed with having even more of the bubble teams playing for a seed. Just make all of the 10-12 seeds play-in games. That way, nobody can be ticked off about potential snubs. My only complaint is that the round of 64 is now called the "Second Round". That's confusing. I'd rather it be called the "First Round". I think the name "First Four" implies a play-in game anyhow...

The first game, UNC-Asheville vs. Arkansas-Little Rock game was actually pretty good. UALR was ahead for a lot of the game, but Asheville caught up,  forced it into OT, and pulled away at the end. Pretty fun stuff, if you ask me. Now Asheville will face Pittsburgh next. It was nice knowing them.

The Clemson vs. UAB game, wasn't as fantastic as the first. Clemson showed up to play, while UAB started slow. UAB got back into it by nailing threes, but Clemson's first punch was ultimately too much for UAB to overcome. This game was fueled even more anger that Colorado and Virginia Tech were not in the tournament. My twitter timeline was blowing up. I've never seen such passion for 12 seeds, especially since they typically lose 70% of the time in the first round or so. I guess people just like to complain.

Either way, I was slow to get on board, but I thought tonight was fun. Tomorrow night, it gets more fun, as Gus Johnson will be calling the games. If you didn't think UTSA vs. Alabama State could be fun, just tune into truTV tomorrow night!