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First Four Complete, VCU And UTSA Are In The Second Round

Love it or hate it, the expanded aspect of the NCAA tournament is complete. The games tonight were not as entertaining as the ones last night, which was too bad, considering Gus Johnson was calling the games. But such is life.

With UTSA, they had a 48-21 lead at halftime, but only won 70-61. The VCU-USC game was a race to 50 points, and VCU won. On Friday, UTSA will take on Ohio State, while VCU will matchup against Georgetown in what has the chance to be a very close game.

I personally am happy for VCU. I really was disappointed that ESPN decided to try and make a spectacle of the event by slamming VCU and UAB, saying they do not belong. That's why there is the selection committee. Are they perfect? No. If those ESPN guys got to pick who they wanted, they would have their own bias and flaws in the process, that somebody else would slam them. If Duke had a losing record, they would be in. North Carolina would have been in last year. It would have been equally a joke. Who knows if Colorado or Virginia Tech would have done any better if they would have gotten the invite? Complaining about it is starting to get old.

My suggestion for the "First Four" is to not have conference champions play in it, and instead have them as #16 and #15 seeds. The "First Four" should consist of only at large teams in my opinion. I think it would bring in more viewers because the games would be with teams the casual fan is more familiar with.

With that, the attention is now focused on the 64 teams left in the tournament. Big time action the next 4 days, and it is going to be a lot of fun to watch!