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Iowa State Football: Pro Day, Spring Practice, And... Ken Doll?

I was out of town last weekend, with limited computer access, so I'm just getting caught up on what has gone down the last few days.  Yesterday was Iowa State's pro day, and it looks like Colin Franklin put up better numbers than some of the TEs that went to the combine. I felt like Franklin would be a guy that would find his way on a NFL roster in some shape or form. It was nice to see him put up good numbers. I do not know if any Cyclones get drafted this year, but hopefully some of these guys can find a spot on a team somewhere.

I also caught a blurb that former Cyclone Kurtis Taylor is going to be the face of a new Ken doll. I guess I will say good for him? This isn't the kind of thing I'd aspire to do, but at the same time, I'm not exactly modeling material either.

Lastly, the team started spring practice yesterday. You can see videos, interviews, and more right here. I myself, have not caught any of these yet, but plan to do so tonight.