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NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Open Thread, Day 1

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The round of 16 is here. How does your bracket look? Mine? Not-so-great, but my last minute tweaked bracket has all of my Final Four teams still alive (Ohio State, Duke, Kansas, and BYU)... At least until the end of today. Here are the games we have today, and how I think they look. Also, I'm back in town and will be watching some of these games, and will be on here tonight, so join me if you want!

6:15pm CST, CBS: (3) UConn vs. (2) San Diego State -> I've got SDSU in my bracket in this matchup, and I'm staying with it. UConn's hot streak has to cool at some point, and I think SDSU has the better team, despite UConn having the best player on the court (Kemba Walker). Despite what some experts thing, I think it is an average paced game. Both teams are pretty similar. UConn has a little more size, but SDSU is a better shooting team in my opinion.

6:30pm CST, TBS: (3) BYU vs. (2) Florida -> I picked BYU in this matchup in my bracket, but I get a feeling Florida will get the W here. They have had a few days to put in a gameplan to try and slow down Jimmer, and if Jimmer gets neutralized, BYU is average.

8:45pm CST, CBS: (5) Arizona vs. (1) Duke -> I think this is an easy game to pick. Arizona shoots about 40% from 3, and that shooting is what has kept them in games. Duke is an overall good shooting team, but they also play very good perimeter defense. This game has the potential to be a blowout I think.

9pm CST, TBS: (8) Butler vs. (4) Wisconsin -> I had neither team this far in my bracket (I did have Pitt lose to ODU in the round of 32 though). Butler has been extremely lucky, while Wisconsin is a quality team (regardless of how boring they are to watch). It's hard to carry over luck from one weekend to another. First team to 50 probably wins this game.

Who you got?