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NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Open Thread, Day 2

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We've got it narrowed down to twelve teams still alive. Time to cut out four more and see who really is serious about going to the Final Four. There will be a double-digit seed winner tonight. Will there be two? Will both one seeds advance? Tonight has the potential to be upset central.

(11) Marquette vs. (2) North Carolina, 6:15 PM, CBS

As much as I like Jimmy Butler and the crew, I think Marquette might finally run out of gas against a more talented Tar Heel squad. Ever since Harrison Barnes woke up from his early season slumber, he's gone out of his way not just to hit big shots, but absolute daggers. While Roy Williams might not be the most clutch coach ever, I think the talent difference here will be enough.

(1) Kansas vs. (12) Richmond, 6:27 PM, TBS

While I'd love to take the Spiders in this one for no other reason than bracket wackiness, I really, truly think the Jayhawks take the title this year. Kansas is not Vandy. Kansas is not Morehead State. The Spiders can be as inspirational and upstart as they want, but the Jayhawks not only possess one of the best frontcourts in the nation, but one of the best coaches in the nation in Bill Self. Rock Chalk.

(1) Ohio State vs. (4) Kentucky, 8:45 PM, CBS

This game figures to be one of those games where the rest of the nation tries to figure out which program they hate less in a begrudging attempt to pick a winner. It's clear the Buckeyes are on a hot streak, while the Wildcats have had to squeeze past both Princeton and West Virginia. Until someone cools down Diebler, Lighty and the gang from behind the arc, I can't pick against Brutus.

(11) Virginia Commonwealth vs (10) Florida State, 8:57 PM, TBS

Simply put, the Rams have been one of the best teams in the tournament this year, while Florida State has been an enigma all season. Shaka Smart is earning money with every win, and it's safe to say that the only reason the Rams might not win this game might simply be due to running out of gas, not because they don't belong to make it this far. Also, take a look at the bracket. Is it crazy to think that there's not exactly the most bumpy road between VCU and the title game? Florida State, Kansas or Richmond, and Butler, Wisconsin, BYU or Florida. Kansas might be the best team in the nation, but we've seen them blow games to worse teams....

Game on!