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Elite Eight Open Thread, Day 1

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The final step to the Final Four has four proud programs trying to take that next step. The afternoon game pits 2010 runner up Butler against Billy Donovan and the SEC champion Gators, while the evening matchup has the suddenly red hot Wildcats playing what is perhaps the best tourney team in the nation in UConn.

(8) Butler vs. (2) Florida, 3:30 PM, CBS

I'm done picking against Butler. My heart and half of my head says Florida, but the other, louder half of my head says that Butler has the best coach in the country and they just know how to win. Florida went to the brink in their Sweet 16 game. I'm not sure they have enough to take down the Bulldogs.

(5) Arizona vs. (3) Connecticut, 6:05 PM, CBS

I think Arizona might have had a case of the right team at the right time against Duke. It's clear that Jim Calhoun can coach in March, and as long as Kemba Walker has a Kemba-type game, it's hard not to take the Huskies to go to the Final Four.

The action should be pretty good this weekend. Stop by and leave a comment.