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Elite Eight Open Thread, Day 2

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Three absolute powerhouses and one Cinderella. Half of the Final Four is already set. The other half will be determined this afternoon. The Jayhawks and the Morris twins take on the team hoping to be the next George Mason (or is it the next Butler?). Virginia Commonwealth has already proven themselves as one of the best coached teams in the tournament, as well as one of the most efficient. I still think Kansas is the best team in the country. I'd love to pick Cinderella here, but it is looking increasingly likely that this is Kansas' tournament to use. In game two, a pair of the country's least favorite coaches as well as some of the most talented players in the nation come together in what, hopefully, is a barnburner. Again, pulling for the hometown kid Harrison Barnes

(1) Kansas vs. (11) Virginia Commonwealth, 1:20 PM, CBS

(4) Kentucky vs. (2) North Carolina, 4:05 PM, CBS