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Iowa State Basketball: T Minus 30 Hours Until Colorado

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March 10th 2005 is the last time Iowa State has won a game at the Big 12 tournament. 6 freaking years! It feels longer than that. That was the same year Iowa State made the NCAA tournament as the #9 seed, and beat Minnesota in the first round. The entire time felt like a lifetime ago. I actually remember that NCAA game, remembering that I couldn't watch it but listened to it in the car as I drove where I had to go thinking "oh no big deal, I'm going to see ISU play in the NCAA tournament many times after this". Well, I guess the joke was on me, wasn't it? That was the last year Iowa State had postseason victories, and I missed out on them, just my luck.

I have some good news, Cyclone fans. I will not be able to watch the game against Colorado, as it tips off at 2pm on Wednesday, and I'm a grown adult with a job and all of that fun stuff, which makes it the perfect opportunity for the Cyclones to win!

I'm calling it right now: Iowa State makes 15 three pointers, wins 100-95, all because yours truly will miss the game, and when I miss games, good things tend to happen. Aren't you excited?!