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Iowa State Football: They Scrimmaged Again, And We Know A Little Bit About The QB Situation

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A week or so ago, I wrote how the football team scrimmaged and we didn't really know much other than the offense stunk it up. For scrimmage two, we turn to the video of Paul Rhoads and defensive coordinator Wally Burnham to break it down for us. In the video, I think you get some insight in the challenge in getting full effort for these guys as spring practices are on the boring-side of many of the players. When watching these videos it is entertaining to see the coach's body language. You can tell they are anxious to look at the tape and try to figure out how to solve the problems out there, but you can also tell they are holding back how they really feel at times.

Also, not in the video but at, there were a couple quotes from Offensive Coordinator Tom Herman regarding the QB position. Herman stated Tiller is farther along than he thought he would be, and Jantz can running well but struggling with decision-making at this point. It will be interesting to see how the competition plays out, but nobody has really taken the reigns at this point, and this is a competition that will go on during all of fall camp.