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Iowa State Basketball: Bobby Lutz Leaving Iowa State To Join NC State Staff

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I first heard about this over the weekend, and I have mixed feelings about the news that top assistant Bobby Lutz would be joining the NC State coaching staff after just 1 year in Ames. Lutz has a past relationship with the NC State coach, is a North Carolina native, and has a daughter that is going to attend school at NC State. It is hard to blame somebody for wanting to go back home, but at the same time I am disappointed that he is leaving Ames already.

For those who don't know, Lutz's was Hoiberg's right hand man with the Xs and Os. He was the guy often times drawing up plays in the timeouts; he had a lot of influence. It really is hard to know what the impact of this change is because I am sure there is another bright Xs and Os guy out there that can help out for a year or two as well.

I think some Cyclone fans are going crazy over this. My guess is that a year ago, 99% of Iowa State fans had no idea who Lutz was, and we ended up with a good person to have. My guess is that this time, there might be a hire in which the person is somebody we have never heard of, but will end up being a good fit for the staff.