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Iowa State Basketball: Will Clyburn Comes To Iowa State... Finally

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Former Utah Ute Will Clyburn will transfer to Iowa State according to Chris Williams at CycloneFanatic. Clyburn put up 17 and 8 for the Utes last year, and was granted a release after Utah fired Jim Boylen. Clyburn was a MCC teammate of DeMarcus Phillips. We were supposedly recruiting Clyburn along with Phillips, however I have heard in the past from a source that Clyburn was never actually offered by Iowa State the first time around, which is really disappointing to hear.

When I was looking at those MCC kids a year ago, I felt like Clyburn was more of a must-get compared to Phillips when you looked at the makeup of the roster going into this year, and the quality of the spring recruit pool.

But water is under the bridge now, and Clyburn will be a Cyclone. He won't be eligible until the 2013 season, and will have only 1 year of eligibility when he comes off the redshirt in 2012. But I guess it's better to be a Cyclone late than never!

The Cyclones now have 1 more open scholarship for next year if they want to use it.