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Iowa State Football: Thoughts About The Spring Game

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Full disclosure here, I was not in attendance for the Spring Game this year. It just didn't work out that I could make it up there this year. It's a little disappointing, but nonetheless, I still have some thoughts about the spring game, based on what I've read and heard from others.

First, it's clear that Aaron Horne has been a star of the spring. I've heard from somebody close to the team that Horne was looking great from the first practice, and he clearly stole the show at the spring game, catching a 50 yard pass from Jantz for a TD, a 16 yard run for a TD, and overall catching 8 passes for 124 yards and a TD. It's just spring ball, but this kid seems to be bringing it to a group that has been terrible over the last couple of years. Also, Darius Reynolds caught 5 passes for 126 yards and 2 TD.

At the same time, am I supposed to be fired up that these guys tore up the secondary, or worried about the secondary because of it?

Next, I saw on twitter some making a big deal of the defensive line getting 6 sacks total between the two teams. I then looked at the stats and saw that the QBs in 5 of those 6 sacks were Barnett (3), Capello (1), and Gent (1), while Jantz was also sacked once. I'm not sure if the sacks were due to lack of decision making, good defense, bad offensive line play, or a combination of all three. Nonetheless, when I see that only 1 sack was by a #1 on the depth chart, it makes me wonder what those matchups on the line were, and what the QBs were doing on those plays.

At the end of the day, it's a spring game. It's good for the coaches, the players, and it's a chance for the fans to see some kind of football before "going dark" until the fall. There's the entire summer, and fall camp before we see these guys again.

Final Items:

According to Rhoads, the QB race is still wide open with all 4 QBs are in contention. Tiller is listed on the depth chart as the #1, but I still believe Jantz will be the guy come end of August. I also do not truly believe Barnett and Capello are realistically in the running to be the starter. I just think that having 4 guys believe they are all in it, helps with competition, and will hopefully bring the best out of both Tiller and Jantz.

Jake Knott did not participate in the spring game. He broke his arm, had surgery, and should be ready to go by fall camp.

For those that went, what was your take on the game?