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Iowa State Football New Scoreboard: Love The Idea, Hate The Execution

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Today, the new video board drawings have been released. This is a $5 million HD video and sound system that replaces the video and sound in system now. It will be ready by this coming fall. I am not going to lie, I dislike it. I know Crosscyed likes it. I expect the rest of the fanbase will be hit or miss on this as well.

I will start with saying that I fully support the idea of having a new video board, and a new sound system. The sound system has been an embarrassment, and the video was dated quickly due to the timing of when the last screen was purchased. I just hate how it looks.

The pictures look like a joke. This honestly looks like a setup for a concert at an outdoor festival or something to that effect. Even though the scoreboard is supposed to be a mainstay, the way the structure is constructed make it very temporary. It just does not go with the asthetics of the rest of the stadium.

Will it be nice to have quality sound, and a video board that fans can see and get stats from? Yes. But do I believe they could have planned something a little nicer at a similar cost? Absolutely.

I just want to know what happens when a tornado goes through, and knocks the scoreboard back on top of the Jacobson Building. But I suppose that's for another day.