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Iowa State Football: Team Scrimmaged On Saturday, We Still Know Nothing

This past Saturday, the football team held their first scrimmage of the spring. These scrimmages are closed to the media, so all we have to go off of from this scrimmage is what the coaches are saying. Even if it were open to the media, it would be closed to me, but we'd have at least a couple of other people's stories to go off of.  From the sounds of it, the defense had the upper advantage during the scrimmage. From some of the coaches' comments, there were issues everywhere from the ball being snapped to nobody really stepping up at the quarterback position.

Really this is status-quo for the Cyclones. There are less question-marks on the defense than the offense. It is too early to be concerned, but obviously it would have been nice had we heard the offense was tearing it up. The offense has a longer way to go with some new pieces on the O-Line, a new QB, a new featured back, and a receiving corps that is unproven for the most part.

There are still two weeks left of spring practice. To this point, we know nothing about the team. Here's a video with comments from the coaches.