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NFL Draft Comes And Goes With Cyclones Still On The Board

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Well, during the draft I was waiting for David Sims' name to be called, and I'm still waiting. He was the only Cyclone with a realistic shot at being drafted, as he was the only Cyclone invited to the combine. Going into the draft I saw him pegged in the 6th-7th round. I think Sims goes somewhere via free agency, with Franklin and Lamaak invited to some camps (if they have any). A year or two ago, I thought A-Rob had a shot at the next level, but honestly he's too slow. I thought he had top speed issues because of his injuries, but when healthy he didn't have a lot of top speed either. He was a great college player, and I hope he finds something awesome to do with his life. Of all the guys, I think Franklin has the best shot at making a name for himself at the pro level, because I think he has the size, and all the tools to be a decent TE in the NFL.

This year is not going to be friendly to these guys who didn't get drafted because they cannot be signed as free agents until the labor issues are resolved in the NFL, and if that happens late in the summer, then teams will be focused on signing veteran free agents who can help them right away instead of taking a flier on an undrafted rookie. But we will see how it all shakes out.

It's weekends like this that shows that even though these guys were good college players, the program is a long ways away from getting to the level we would like to see. You can't be the only school in a conference like the Big 12 to not get any guys drafted, and hope to succeed. Hopefully the trend changes down the road.