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Iowa State Basketball: Drinking, Smoking, Fighting

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Damn. Iowa State fans are embarrased. Never did they imagine that with Fred Hoiberg coming back into the fold, not only would the basketball team play and NBA style on the court, but they would handle their business NBA style off the court as well. Here are my thoughts about the various situations.

Godfrey: Dude is just trying to blaze up. It makes me wonder if CU tries to pursue Calvin now that he's off the team. Blazing is legal if you got a prescription (which I understand is not hard to get). If I were the Buffs, I go after him, because I have the biggest recruiting edge.

Railey: Dude is just drinking, driving, and fighting people. I'm not sure what happens to him, but getting 2 strikes in your first year is rough. And embarrassing.... Especially when you are a 4 year player (if you don't get kicked off the team first). This guy has to be perfect for 3 years now! He hasn't even been able to get through 3 months without any issues! I blame these actions on Railey's misunderstanding of Hoiberg saying "I can help you get to the NBA".

Mann: So you get a new job, you're out celebrating with your boys, and the very next day, you get that OWI. Why? Because your boys bought you too many Patron shots, and you thought you were invincible. Damn. How ballsy is that? You get hired AND you get arrested the very next day? How many employers would keep you after pulling off a stunt like that?

This dude must think he is Mario Elie. In the NBA, you can drink and drive, apologize the next day, and have it be all good. Because in the NBA, the assistant coaches aren't there to try and set examples for the players off the court. People here are already saying he should go.  He better bring in some big time talent to make up for this fiasco.

When Hoiberg brought in all these transfers, everybody thought they would be the ones likely to get in trouble. Who would have thought it would be like this, right?

At the same time, it isn't the end of the world either. We still have at least 8 guys who figure to be in the rotation on a regular basis. You can win games with 8 players. Let's just hope nobody does anything stupid the rest of the summer.